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Non-fat dry milk Facts Introduced in 1954 as “magic crystals” by Carnation Organic non-fat dry milk uses lower temperature and longer periods of time to dry the milk Maybe used for therapeutic feeding Can cause lactose intolerance Shelf stable has a shelf life of unfortified milk in 48 months Once combined with water, needs to be refrigerated Created in 1961 The principal U.S. agency to extend assistance to countries recovering from disaster, trying to escape poverty, and engaging in democratic reforms. Non-fat dry milk is one of the commodities that is sent over to 5 different regions because of its nutritional value. Products Made from Non-fat Dry Milk Skim Milk Ice Cream
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Unformatted text preview: • Yogurt • Whipped Topping • Found in dry mixes – Cake mix – Brownie mix Classification of NDM High-heat – Dry milk receives heat treatment of 88°C for 30 min. – Used in baked goods, meat products, and dry mixes – has an undenatured whey protein nitrogen content of not more than 1.5mg/g • Medium-heat – Receive heat treatment of 78°C for 20 min. – Used in dry mixes, ice creams, and confections – has an undenatured whey protein nitrogen content of 1.51 – 5.99mg/g • Low-heat – Receives heat treatment of 70°C for 2 min – Used in cottage cheese and chocolate dairy drinks – has an undenatured whey protein nitrogen content of no less than 6.0mg/g...
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