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Unformatted text preview: Peanut Oil Josh Irvin Peanut Facts Peanuts are not true nuts, they are legumes Accounts for $4 billion of the U.S. economy annually Peanut Oil Peanut oil was used to power the first diesel engines Peanut oil has a very high smoke point Can be reused many times for frying, because it doesn’t pick up flavors easily Types of Peanuts in Food Industry Farmers Stock – – – Oil Stock Used in candy bars, peanut butter, or roasted whole Sometimes used in peanut oil production Residue can be ground into meal for human consumption – Most often used in oil production – Residue can be used to make meal for livestock feed Crushing The first step is a physical crushing of the shelled peanuts Uses a hydraulic press that is heated by steam Remove all but 10% of oil from the peanut The oil that is expelled is called crude oil Solvent Extraction Leftover peanut meal goes through a hexane solvent extraction Removes all but 1% of the oil from the peanut Oil removed by this process is crude oil Refining Steps Oil is acidulated with citric acid, then neutralized with caustic soda Then it is centrifuged to remove unwanted solids and gums Next the oil is bleached to remove any color The oil is then filtered Refining Steps Continued The oil is deodorized by placing it under vacuum at very high temperatures This process removes any flavor or aroma The oil is filtered once again, then it is ready for packaging Packaging Options Can be stored in a variety of containers Just prior to shipment, antioxidants can be added to lengthen shelf life Aromatic Peanut Oil Uses roasted farmer stock peanuts that are only physically pressed After pressing, the oil is filtered then packaged This process yields an oil that is amber in color and has the aroma of roasted peanuts Sources Woodroof, Jasper Guy. Peanuts Production Processing Products. Westport, Connecticut: AVI, 1966 Kotz, Bruce. Personal Interview. Golden Peanut Company. February 19, 2007. Peanuts harvested, graded, shelled, cleaned and delivered to oil processing facility Physical crushing of peanuts Hexane solvent extraction Acidulation using citric acid Neutralization with caustic soda Centrifugation Bleaching Filtration Deodorizing Crude Oil Stage Refining Processes Packaging and Shipping Filtration Packaging Antioxidants may be added prior to shipment ...
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