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intro_to_geo_1 - The Earth in Context-The Doppler...

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The Earth in Context -The Doppler effect (i.e., change in frequency). -Sound and light waves emanating from an approaching source object (i.e., successively shorter distance) arrive at a higher frequency than those of a stationary source. Our brain interprets the higher frequency as a higher pitch. Distant galaxies are uniformly red-shifted, rather than blue-shifted; this implies that they are all moving away from us The farthest galaxies are those that are most strongly red-shifted, meaning that they are receding fastest Extrapolation of velocities and trajectories into the past suggests that all matter in the Universe was contained in a single point, approximately 13.7 billion years ago At that time, the Universe came into existence explosively, hence the name Big Bang Radiation from the Big Bang still can be perceived in all directions in the sky (even apparently empty space) with a radio telescope All matter and energy that now constitutes the universe, was initially packed into an infinitesimally small point, which exploded13.7 (+/-1%) Ga (
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