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geology_24 - What can you do • Professional geologic...

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Chapter 8: SLOPE PROCESSES, LANDSLIDES, and SUBSIDENCE cont Withdrawal of subsurface fluids: In exploration and extraction processes Petroleum and natural gas Groundwater Geothermal water and steam Removal of solid materials: Sinkholes Dissolution of carbonate rocks, limestone, and dolomite Affecting most of the conterminous states Natural or artificial fluctuations in water table increasing the problem Triggering other problems: Sinkholes as waste dumping sites Salt and coal mining Salt dissolution and pumping Active coal mines and abandoned coal mines Ground failure due to depleted subsurface pressure More than 8000 km2 of land subsidence due to underground coal mining Perception of landslide hazards: Landslide hazard maps not preventing development Common perception: “It could happen on other hillsides, but never on this one.” Infrequency and unpredictability of large slides reducing awareness of the hazards Often people taking the chances
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Unformatted text preview: What can you do? • Professional geologic evaluation for a property on a slope • Avoid building at the mouth of a canyon, regardless of its size • Consult local agencies for historic records • Watch signs of little slides - Often precursor for larger ones • Look for signs of structure cracks or damages prior to purchase • Be wary of pool leaking, tilt of trees and utility poles • Look for linear cracks, subsurface water movement • Put observations into perspective, one aspect may not tell the whole story Applied and critical thinking: • Discuss the reasons why our society could not prevent slope development. • Assume you have been hired by a community to make the citizens more aware of the landslide hazard in very steep topographic area. Outline a plan of action and defend it. • Compare and contrast landslide hazards and impact risks in the east coast vs. west coast, tropical vs. polar regions....
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geology_24 - What can you do • Professional geologic...

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