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geology_21 - Engineering barriers Levee augmentation...

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Chapter 7: Rivers and Floods cont. Factors affecting flood damage: Regional land-use changes, such as urban development, deforestation, soil erosion, etc. Land use on the floodplain Frequency and magnitude of flooding Lag time and duration of flooding Sediment load Effectiveness of forecasting, warning, and emergency management Urbanization and flooding: Impact on frequency and magnitude Increase in both frequency and magnitude, especially in small drainage basins Impact on a river’s discharge Increase in runoff, without an increase in precipitation Significant reduction in lag time or flashy discharge Impact effects of flooding: Primary effects Injury and loss of life, damage and destruction of property, erosion and deposition of sediments Secondary effects Water pollution Fire Diseases Displacement of people Interruption of social and economic activities Adjustments to flood hazards: The structural approach
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Unformatted text preview: Engineering barriers: Levee augmentation Channelization River-channel restoration • Flood insurance • Flood-proofing Flood • With an increase in velocity, the enlarged channel is now able to accommodate the increased flood discharge and carry a greater load. • As discharge falls, the stream is unable to transport as much sediment. – At the end of the flood it returns to its pre-flood dimensions. Adjustments to flood hazards: • Floodplain regulation: Obtaining the most beneficial use of floodplains Flood-hazard mapping Floodplain zoning • Government buyout and relocating people from floodplain • Personal adjustments Perception of flooding: • Individual level: Variable • Local and state level: Mitigation plans • Federal government level Mapping of flood-prone areas Floodplain management plans Public outreach...
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