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geology_11 - Chapter 4 Natural Hazards Risk impact...

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Chapter 4: Natural Hazards Risk impact assessment: To human life: Potential loss and injury of life To property: Damage and destruction To society: Services and functions of society To economy: Manufacture, mining, commercial, real estate, etc. To natural environment: Direct or indirect adverse impact Human responses to hazards: Reactive response Primarily after the hazardous event Recovery phases : Response, rescue, restoration, and reconstruction Recovery period : Recovery length depending on the magnitude of hazard and impact intensity Anticipatory Response : Response to a hazardous event with an intention to avoid or minimize its damages Land-use planning Insurance Evacuation Disaster awareness and preparedness General response in a given location Combination of reactive and anticipatory response Artificial control of natural processes Taking no or little action, being optimistic about chances of making it through disasters
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Population growth and natural hazards: In question : Population growth as a cause for natural disasters
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