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History_15 - Origins of Chinese Empire cont Later Han...

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Origins of Chinese Empire cont. Later Han: revival and decline r Guangwudi: the Shining Martial Emperor (25-57 A.D.) Moved capital east to Luoyang Internal strife within Xiongnu helped threat By 100 A.D. Han realm recovered most of former size and wealth u Successions= dynastic decline Confucian civil servants rebel 160s and killed Floods, droughts, locusts, epidemic Landlords/serfdom= peasant revolt Generals and end of dynasty Society, technology, and silk road r Society: Peasants: u valued but poverty and harsh labor Women: u subordinate but ran households Urban life: u positives and negatives u Technical and Commercial Creativity: Scholars and bureaucrats Commerce and craftsmanship The silk road and sea trade r Flourished for more than 1000 years u Trading Cities Ex. Dunhuang, Kashgar, Samarkand, Bukhara u Mostly by camel caravans u Sea trade u Goods, Diseases, and Beliefs Rome: ancient, republic, empire Ancient Rome
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Legend: Local Princess and Mars u
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