History_10 - r Peloponnesian League r Helots The conquered=...

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Archaic Greece cont. r Greek Colonization Spread of Culture r “Hellenes” (not “Barbaroi”) r Bound by language, religion, lifestyle r New coins, trade r Religion r gods were humanlike, craved worship 12 Main: (Mt. Olympus) r Zeus (wife Hera, many lovers) r Children: Apollo, Athena, Aphrodite r Brother: Poseidon r Sister: Demeter Olympics (776 B.C.-393 A.D. then again in 1896 A.D.) r New Intellectual Currents Pre-Socratic r Rejected traditional explanations of the origins and nature of world r How created? What made of? Why changes? r Ex. Xenophanes r Earth, Air, Fire, Water: Primal elemental ideas r Early Atomic theory Logographers and History r Herodotus (485-425 B.C.) “Father of History” r Why Greek/Persian war? r Also Thucydides City- States r Three Main City-States (Corinth), Sparta, Athens r Corinth: Wealthy commercial center Oligarchy (after clan and tyranny) Black Figure Pottery Seaport r Prostitution Sparta r Geography
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Territorial Spread r Collective Military Strength Not about Individualism like Athens r Rejection of other forms of culture
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Unformatted text preview: r Peloponnesian League r Helots The conquered= basically slaves Spartans feared uprising r Government: 2 Kings and a council of elders= Gerousia Elected by Apella= assembly of equals Main: 5 magistrates= Ephors Secret police= Krypteia r Women Restriction and Autonomy To produce strong offspring Athens Draco codified laws: Legal Code 621 B.C. Solon (594 BC) Divides by wealth not birth No more mortgaging people for debts Initial constitution Peisistratus and son Hippias (Tyrants) Public works, currency, annual festivals/literature, plays Ex. Temple of Athena Democracy by 508 B.C. Pericles (460/50s rules until death 429 B.C.) Final polish on Democracy Assembly, Council of 500, Peoples Court Selected by lot Economic and International Reputation grew r Ships/Navy r The Arts r Athenian then Delian League 477 B.C....
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History_10 - r Peloponnesian League r Helots The conquered=...

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