History_7 - n Southern Kingdom of Judah n 722 B.C.:...

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Empires and Common Cultures: chapt 4 Rise of Empires m Intermixing and Intermingling Nomadic Migrations and Urban societies n Warrior Kings n Shared politics, culture, or trade n Iron n Camels n Military Might and Administration Timeline m Minoan: 2000-1400 B.C. n Mycenaean: 1600-1200 B.C. Troy destruction: 1250 B.C. n “Dark Age”: 1200-800 B.C. Writing disappeared Time of “Sea Peoples” (known also as Philistines) Homeric Epics written during this period n Iliad (King Agamenmon, attack on Troy, Achilles) n Odyssey (Adventures of Odysseus after Trojan war, Greek Gods) n Virtue by success in combat Tragedy and pathos of human life Hebrews m Abraham: 2000-1500 B.C. n Phoenician Society: 1500-650 B.C. n 1300-1200: Hebrew Exodus (from Egypt) n 1000 B.C.: 1st Hebrew Kingdom David (1000-960 B.C.) Solomon (960-931 B.C.)
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Split: n Northern Kingdom of Israel
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Unformatted text preview: n Southern Kingdom of Judah n 722 B.C.: Assyrian conquest of Israel n 586 B.C.: Neo-Babylonian (Chaldean) conquest of Judah n 539 B.C.: End of Babylonian Captivity Persians Conquered Allowed to return to Palestine and rebuild Temple n Dispersement to various areas in 70 A.D. n No established state again until 1948 A.D. Phoenicians m Linked Mediterranean and Southwest Asian peoples Trade Alphabet: n Simplification of cuneiform/ 22 characters n Mainly area of Lebanon n Known to Hebrews as Canaanites Phoenicians= also purple people n Great Cities: ex. Tyre, Sidon, Byblos n Not many documents survive n Admired for talents BUT also denounced as immoral profiteers/cheaters (ex. Jezebel) n 650 B.C. Assyrians conquer n Carthage Colony lived on...
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History_7 - n Southern Kingdom of Judah n 722 B.C.:...

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