History_5 - More around 3000 B.C. (used boats, donkeys,...

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Rivers, Cities, and First States Rivers and Cities i 4000-2000 B.C. 0 Villages-Cities-States Villages: smaller settlements/ pastoral nomads Cities: only in select places 0 Important City/ State Rivers: Tigris/ Euphrates Nile Indus River Yellow River Cities i New Human Transitions: How Farmed and Fed Where Lived How they Organized Communities What and How Worshipped 0 Characteristics: 0 Large Population Irrigation Agriculture Rulers and Administrators 0 Divine Kings and Priests etc. 0 Elaborate Bureaucracies 0 New Record Keeping/ Writing New Technologies 0 Labor Specialization/ Craftworkers Trade 0 Urban/ Rural: Urban: 0 Mass production of goods and specialized labor Rural:
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Cultivation of land/ livestock Mutual Dependency: 0 Urban needed food 0 Rural needed city necessities/ places of worship Trade i Trade: No one place had everything 0 Began around 7000 B.C. Long Distance Trade around 5000 B.C.
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Unformatted text preview: More around 3000 B.C. (used boats, donkeys, later camels) Mesopotamia Imports Examples: Cedar (Lebanon), Copper (Turkey/Iran), Lapis (Afghanistan) Mesopotamia i First Village around 6000 B.C. Main Cities around 3500 B.C. Cities: Ex. Eridu, Nippur, Uruk, Ur, Lagash Sumer: Sumerians Akkad Sumerian: Politically equal City-States Each had principal guardian deity and sanctuary supported by inhabitants Cities: meeting places for people and deities (devotional and economic center) Layout: canal (middle), temple (center), palace and official buildings (periphery) Crafts: passed down family to family Trade Shared environment Common culture Polytheistic gods Writing: Cuneiform City-States will move to First territorial states (Akkad and Sargon)...
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History_5 - More around 3000 B.C. (used boats, donkeys,...

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