2-History_3 - t originally migrated from Asia around 28,000...

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Rivers/cities/territorial states: chapt 2 cont. Old Kingdom i 4th Dynasty: Grand Pyramids t Giza (outside modern Cairo): t Ex. Pyramid of Khufu t Religion: Polytheistic Ex. Osiris= god of regeneration and underworld Hathor= goddess of childbirth and love Ra= sun god Powers and chosen animals (attached to gods) t Priests/ Temples t Common Egyptians away from temples Ex. Shrines and amulets t No incest taboos t Writing: Hieroglyphs (and cursive script known as demotic or hieratic “priestly” writing) Papyrus t Prosperity t Later dynasties: 6th last then 1st Intermediate period Microsocieties: Pacific, Aegean, Europe, Early Ancient Americans The South Pacific: 2500 b.c – 400 a.d i East Asians took to the waters 2500 B.C. Austronesian Language similarities (to South China) t Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia By 2000 B.C.= replacement of indigenous people t Negritos (hunters-gatherers)
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Unformatted text preview: t originally migrated from Asia around 28,000 B.C./ Ice Age t Or earlier: Ex. Mungo-man in Australia (60,000 B.C.) t Double-outrigger Canoes By 400 A.D.: reached most of South Pacific Austronesian Culture i Seafaring Skills Inter-island traders t Pottery Lapita t Domestication of crops/animals Yams, sweet potatoes, bananas, coconuts, pigs, dogs, chickens (also fishing) Polynesians i Descendants of early Austronesians From different island communities t Hence Polynesian meaning belonging to many islands Ranged from tribal to village units to multi-island alliances Oceanic language family t Subset of Eastern Austronesian family Reached Hawaii around 300 A.D. and Easter Island around 400 A.D. t Polynesian Triangle t Hawaii, Easter Island, New Zealand t Mystery of Easter Island...
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2-History_3 - t originally migrated from Asia around 28,000...

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