1-History_1 - u 2900-2334 B.C Settlers moved out of Uruk to...

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Human evolution H Australopithecus anamensis: 4.2 Million Years ago u Australopithecus afarensis (Lucy) 3.4 Million Yrs ago u Australopithecus africanus 3.0 Million u Homo habilis (Dear boy) 2.5 Million u Homo erectus (Java and Peking man) 1.8 Million yrs ago u Neanderthals 120,000 years ago u Homo sapiens 200,000 years ago u Homo sapiens sapiens 35,000 years ago Transitions Evolution (or not) transitions u Climatic Changes: Ex. World emerges from ice age 20,000-15,000 BC u Transition to settlers: Hunter-Gatherers to Agriculture-Pastoralists Urban Dwelling “Growth of Drudgery” Culture H Communication? u Art and/or Function u Tools u Belief Systems Debates H Creation versus Evolution u Primary Source Examples: Genesis Hindu Creation Myth
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MesoAmerican Creation Myth Rivers/Cities/Territorial Sates: Chap 2 Mesopoatamia H Sumerian Government: City-States: Each with Ruler and Guardian Deity u Gilgamesh version suggests he ruled with consultations with 2 assemblies: u One of Elders and One of Younger Men
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Unformatted text preview: u 2900-2334 B.C.: Settlers moved out of Uruk to build new city-states Akkad H New City-States: • Closer to supplies (ex. Lumber, metals) u But transportation and communication between new satellite cities slow: • So had own rulers • City-States: traded and warred with each other u Built higher walls, increased weapons, more artistic depictions of battles u Then came Sargon of Akkad • Akkad (near modern day Baghdad) Akkadian Territorial Sates H Sargon of Akkad (2334-2279 BC) • First “Empire” u First to conquer all city-states and unify region u large territory with multi-ethnic collection of urban centers and people • Around about 100 yrs (3 generations) u Grandson= Naram Sim • Language: Akkadian (Semitic language) u Gilgamesh translated into Akkadian • Legacy of sponsored art, architecture, literary works u After dynasty: broke into several different kingdoms then around 2200 BC= Babylon (more later)...
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1-History_1 - u 2900-2334 B.C Settlers moved out of Uruk to...

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