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13. Melanin can be synthesized by the bird: True        - Carotenoids cannot be synthesized!  14. what is the enzyme responsible for the production of melanin from an  amino acid precursor? Tyrosinase   15.  Frequency is a measure of Pitch! True          Pitch is the wavelength    16. Give 2 differences in the song physiology between songbirds and non- songbirds?       i. the musculature, nucleui, typaniform membrane  17. Prebasic molt:  18. What is incomplete alternate molt?         They loose body feathers but not tail and wing feathers 
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Unformatted text preview: 19. where is melanocyte stimulating hormone? Eyes and brain 20. What fluctuates on a seasonal basis to trigger song? 21. Name two factors that contribute to melanin coloration: dietary intake of amino acids testosterone 22. name four ways to describe color: i. area of patch ii lightness darkness iii. hue iiii. saturation 23. How do dong patterns differ between tropical and temperate species?...
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