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quiz bowl 1. What is funtion of bristle feather:  2. what are all of the aspects involved in effective communication?  communication  sender sends msg to receiver and receiver responds  3. What type of feather has a bare rachis and puff at the top:  Filoplume   4. What colors do pheomelanins produce?  Yellow- Brown   5. What feather type has no rachis?  Down   6. What types of calls are produced during the embryonic stage?   Alarm calls and contentment calls 
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7. What are the two reasons that birds molt?   Replace worn out feathers and to change color 
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Unformatted text preview: ← ← 8. How does a call differ from a song? ← Song: occurs seasonally by mostly males ← Call: produced all year round by both female an male ← ← 9. Nestlings do not produce alarm calls: ← True (to avoid attention from predators) ← Fledglings do! ← ← 10. The resulting color produced by melanin pigments is formed by total melanin content: ← False ← It is produced by the ratio of the different melanin ← ← 11. Define sound: Alternating pressure in a medium ← ← 12. Why song learning may be adaptive?...
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quiz_bowl_1 - ← ← 8. How does a call differ from a...

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