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Egyptian Vulture: eats ungulate excrement. No nutritional value but lots of  carotenoid. Unclear whether color signals qualify in these birds.  How are carotenoids move from food to feathers:  Ingestion   Intestinal absorption   metabolism in Liver   Passage into  circulation  Highly vasculized tissue.  Intestinal Absorption of Carotenoids. Carotenoids are absorbed int micelles  Hydrophillic outside and hydrophobic inside.  “Packaged” as lipids.   Tissues that accumulate carotenoids  Apidose tissue  Ovary and egg yolk  Testes and semen  Retina 
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Liver  Integument (skin/feathers)  To get successful carotenoid- based coloration, birds need  Access to and uptake of daily carotenoids  Ability to absorb and digest the pigments  The lipopprotiens carry the pigments  The enzymes to metabolize the pigments in the integument 
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Unformatted text preview: Feathers that can take up the pigment What affects carotenoid based color 1. Carotenoid access & selective Foraging House finches preferred brightly colored red, prange and yellow food items compared to 2. Nutritional condition 3. Genetics- extent To see the blue, you need the black. Melanin layer absorbs all the blue. Albino Jay has no melanin layer, so all is reflected back. SO now you see a white Jay. Two types of Structural coloration. 1. Non-irridescent- doesnt change with the angle of viewing 2. Irridescent- changes with the angle of viewing. When u have a color u look for a eak. . when u dont u see a slope b/c they absorb! Paper: Thy are relatively the same....
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poul_review_3 - Feathers that can take up the pigment What...

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