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2-poul_review_1 - There is no medial pit lobe so ppl were...

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poul review for test Why is it important to understand the mechanism by which different colors  are produced:  To see if they are costly  To see what they mean to the female  The value  4 types of Pigments:       1). Melanin: Red hair  Pheomelanins (light Brown to red)  Eumelanins (dark Brown to Black)   All melanin- containing feathers contain both types of melanins in different ratios.  Total Melanin content does not   Melanin is synthesized by the bird.  Noone really knows the structure of melanin 
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Tyrosine_ tyrosinase_Dopaquinone: either EUm or Pheo  Both types of melanin in different ratios is what matters  MSH-melanocyte stimulating hormone produced by pituitary gladn- stimulates  melanin hormone production  
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Unformatted text preview: There is no medial pit lobe so ppl were wondering how they MSH is produced. It is from eye and diff part of brain etc. . How is produced n released? : 1. Diet ( amino acid intake) : Tyrosine and phenalynin content . The feather must have innate genetic capacity for it. 2. Hormones: Testosterone . Castration of male house sparrows horn colored beak. Treatment with testosterone during molt larger badges Eggs treated with testosterone yielded males with larger badged. HIGHER T MELANIN COLORING ESTROGEN: treating adult males with estrogen eliminates glossy black plumage. Regeneration of female like reddish brown plumage....
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