Lecture_17-2 - - Mute resident territorial male and...

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Why use mimicry? 1. To maintain a territory – scare other species away by using their aggressive territorial song (lyrebird) 2. To increase repertoire size and attract a female (Marsh warbler) 3. Brood parasitism (Indigo birds) 4. Protection (Thick-billed Euphonia) Songbirds also have different dialects: Dialect = clustering of similar vocalizations that results from learning WHITE CROWNED SPARROW EXAMPLE What are the ways in which song functions? Demonstration of song measurement and simulation using Raven Ways to measure song as a territorial signal: - Play song of conspecific in territory of another – document response - Replace territorial male with a speaker playing song or no song. Document number of intrusions
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Unformatted text preview: - Mute resident territorial male and document intrusions Female song can be documented in similar ways, using playbacks from inside of nestboxes and in mate choice apparatus. Also can analyze a male’s song and then document his reproductive success. What about song makes it an honest signal? Song Rate Repertoire Size Song Complexity Song pitch (frequency) What may these things indicate? Song as an honest signal: Developmental stress hypothesis – stress during song development exerts long-term effects on adult song abilities WHITE CROWNED SPARROW EXAMPLE Zahavi Handicap Hypothesis – singing takes energy from other important bodily functions. So song is a handicap....
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Lecture_17-2 - - Mute resident territorial male and...

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