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Understand cosmetic and adventitious coloring How do calls differ from song? Understand how sound is produced by the bird and how it differs between songbirds and non-songbirds What is responsible for the perfection of sound quality in the bird? What is the main descending pathway responsible for? What is the anterior forebrain pathway responsible for? Know the major song nuclei (by abbreviation only) and be able to label them on a picture Describe the process by which song is converted by the avian ear into a neurological signal How is song learning different in songbirds versus non-songbirds (briefly)? Know the four possible song-learning patterns
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Why might song learning be adaptive? How does the neuron plasticity (ability to adjust neuron size and number) of songbirds
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Unformatted text preview: function in a seasonal context? Be able to give reasons why females may sing at dawn How does size of song nuclei relate to repertoire size? Explain how sex differences in song nuclei are different between species where females sing and those where females dont Why might a bird use mimicry? Be able to create an experiment that would examine whether song functions in territoriality or male-male competition How might song function as an honest signal (know the list of things about the male that his song can tell the female) What are the two main functions of duets? Words to know: Chromophore Sound Frequency Pitch Elements Syllables Phrases Song Types Repertoire Nuclei Dialect...
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POUL_3123_exam_3_review_cont - function in a seasonal...

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