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POUL 3123 – Exam 3 Review Sheet Describe the types of feathers Be able to recognize the macro and microstructures of a feather Understand the molt cycles (prejuvenal, prebasic, and prealternate) and the different patterns of molt that birds exhibit What are the four ways in which color can be assessed (characteristics of the coloration)? Understand how bird eyes are different from human eyes (we discussed four ways) Understand how the process of color visualization and recognition works in birds Know the function of oil droplets associated with cones in birds Know the types of color pigments and what colors they are responsible for producing
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Which is the only pigment type that birds cannot produce themselves? Understand how melanin is deposited and the basis of albinism What three factors contribute to the expression of melanin coloration? Understand what may be responsible for the honesty of melanin coloration…
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Unformatted text preview: does maximal production of melanin coloration require much energy or a good diet? Know what part of the carotenoid pigment that is responsible for producing color and what determines whether the color produced is yellow, orange, or red. Know the pathway of carotenoid acquisition, absorption, and deposition What are the five things that birds need for successful deposition of carotenoids? Carotenoid coloration may function as an honest signal in many ways understand how a birds history and current condition can affect carotenoid-based coloration, and how depositing carotenoid coloration can affect and reflect aspects of avian health and condition. Know the nanostructural components of feathers with structural coloration and understand how structural coloration is produced. What is responsible for the iridescence of some structural colors?...
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POUL_3123_exam_3_review - does maximal production of...

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