poultry_review_2 - released. 22.Which hormone is necessary...

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11. EXPLAIN THE “CHALLENGE HYPOTHESIS”? SOME SOCIAL STIMULI….  THAT EXPERIMENT WHEN THEY INPUT THE TESTOSTERONE. ENVIRONMENTAL AND HORMONAL STIMULUS.   12. More than one testosterone peak.  13.Photo refractory period: after breeding the gonads regress and …  14.Hormone response to pituitary in response to a stressor: ATcH Adrenal  corticotropic stimulator.  15.there is always a testosterone peak assoc. with each nesting attempt in  males that have more than one brook per year. FALSE  16.Draw melatonin in response to the dark period.   17.FLutamide  18.Which hormones are produced b the adrenal gland in response to a  stressor:  19.Define tonic mobility:   20.Define tropic hormone: Released from pituitary that stimulates other  glands.  21.What is stress? When homeostasis is interrupted and glucocoricoids are 
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Unformatted text preview: released. 22.Which hormone is necessary for the onset of molt: Thyroxin 23.How does the body react differently to a stimulus that is a stressor versus a stimulus that is not a stressor.? Stressor: Fluctuates. 24.Explain how intrinsic photosensitivity cycles allow a bird to respond to light and initiate reproductive behavior: 25.What is responisible for the light response I bird: extraretinal 26.Based on the level of corticosone any one can be different. 27.Name 3 behaviourrs prolactin stimulates: food intake, broodiness, cropmilk, incubation 28.Which is a following physiological effect of acute stress exposure: dramatic rise in blood glucose. 29.Maintain testosterone at high levels for longer results in survival and reproductive success; false. WHY?...
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poultry_review_2 - released. 22.Which hormone is necessary...

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