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Poultry_Science_2-2 - most concentrated in retina n those...

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Melatonin peaks during dark phase. Light prohibits melatonin production.  Light   Dark   Light Melatonin: promotes sleep.                   Inhibits reproduction n activity.  Corticosterone peaks right when the light n dark meets. Stimulates you to  wake up.  Melatonin will stimulate ??..  There is evidence that food intake is another Zeitgeber.  Severe food restriction eliminates the diurnal rythym in corticosterone  Food restriction leads to chronically elevated corticosterone  concentrations  Circannual cycles also rely on  -innate internal clock  - Zeitgebers.  Clock genes: nothing controls them.. most concentrated in retina, n those 
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Unformatted text preview: . most concentrated in retina, n those other two pineal…. Period, clock, banal. ← ← As day length grows longer… 12-14 hrs. the light period and the light peak (when you are absolutely sensitive to light. ← ← When u have the pulse of light, it’s called the clock shift. A single pulse of light can trigger spring like response in birds. ← ← Clock-shift: changing the ← ← SOME TROPICAL BIRDS DO NOT FOLLOW 12 MO CYCLES. SOOTY TERNS ON ASCENSION ISLAND ON THE EQUATOR BREED EVERY ← ← IN BIRDS: THE TESTES ENLARGE GREATLY DURING THE BREEDING SEASON. REPRESENTS A NEW PUBERTY EVERY YEAR. ←...
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  • Severe food restriction, ­innate internal clock, Melatonin peaks, Light   Dark   Light, chronically elevated corticosterone

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Poultry_Science_2-2 - most concentrated in retina n those...

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