Lecture_9-2 - WHITE CROWNED SPARROW EXAMPLE Wingfield’s...

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*In some cases, the testosterone peaks occurs when it is necessary to defend a territory BLACK GROUSE EXAMPLE *In others, the testosterone peak coincides with courtship. Some species of birds spend exhibit extremely complex courtship behaviors. The manikins are excellent examples. CLUB WINGED MANAKIN VIDEO GOLDEN-WINGED MANAKIN FADRAZOLE EXAMPLE In some cases, reproduction depends upon a combination of both which are driven by testosterone. BLUE MANAKIN LEK EXAMPLE We know that testosterone is necessary for aggressive and courtship behaviors during the reproductive season, but can be experimentally create a situation when they would occur? John Wingfield – Mr. Bird Hormones! Works on many avian species.
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Unformatted text preview: WHITE CROWNED SPARROW EXAMPLE Wingfield’s idea was that animals have a baseline testosterone level during the nonbreeding season that is very low. During the breeding season, they have a new, higher baseline. Then, upon stimulation, their testosterone concentrations reach a maximum level. Knowing that testosterone rises and controls courtship and aggression, how then does it relate to parental behaviors and incubation feeding? There is another hormone involved – prolactin Testosterone – main hormone responsible for aggression and courtship Prolactin – main hormone responsible for parental care...
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Lecture_9-2 - WHITE CROWNED SPARROW EXAMPLE Wingfield’s...

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