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Although everyone dreads traumatic experiences, these experiences make us stronger. Coping with a bad situation in your life gives you strength that you never had. For example, I had two traumatic experiences a few years ago. My aunt died when she was 47 years old of lung cancer. Immediately after she died, all I could think about was how much I missed her and how much I wanted to be able to talk to her again. As time passed, I realized that instead of lamenting over the situation, I should be happy that she lived such a happy life and had family and friends who cared about her. This ties into what one person should do to help another person who is in the middle of a traumatic experience. One of my other aunts helped me through my aunt’s death by talking to me and never letting me feel alone. She told me stories of my aunt when she was a child, and she made me realize even more what a strong person my aunt was. My second traumatic experience occurred when a few months later, my grandfather also
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Unformatted text preview: died of lung cancer. I was already a stronger person from my first experience with a family death, and I was able to appreciate and celebrate my grandfather’s long life. After my grandfather died, I was actually able to help my younger sisters in the way my aunt helped me. This proves that traumatic experiences make you stronger and more capable of coping with more painful experiences to come. Aunque todos teman experiencias traumáticas, estas experiencias nos hacen más fuerte. Enfrentar con una situación mala en su vida le da fuerza que usted nunca tenía. Por ejemplo, yo tuve dos experiencias traumáticas hace unos años. Mi tía murió cuando tuvo 47 años del cáncer de pulmón. Inmediatamente después de que ella muriera, todo que podría pensar en fuera cuánto la eché de menos y cuánto quise poder hablar con ella otra vez. Cuando el tiempo pasó, me dí cuenta de que en vez de lamentar la situación, debería alegrar de que ella viviera una vida tan feliz....
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