Syllabus ANTH 210 - Spring 2011 Anthropology 210:...

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Spring 2011 Anthropology 210: Archaeology Syllabus Instructor: Brian Lane M.A. Meeting Times: TR 10:30- 11:45 Email: Location: Saunders 345 Office Hours: Thursdays 1:00 - 3:00 or by appointment Saunders 325 Course Description and Objectives This course will review the process and growth of archaeology as a discipline and how it connects to anthropology as a subdiscipline. We will focus on the current practice of archaeology in both academic and the business realms. Additionally we will touch on some of the problems that face archaeology both in practice and in theory. By the end of the semester students should have acquired a basic knowledge and understanding of: - Archaeology as practiced today in the United States - Problems that the discipline faces both ethically and in the field - The difference between contract archaeology and academic research based archaeology - Basic concepts of field work Overview We will begin with understanding what archaeology is and what archaeologists study. Additionally, we will look at the early history of the discipline and a brief outline of how it has arrived at the state we are in today. Following this, an examination of the tools and methods of archaeology will be undertaken in order to introduce the variety of methods and resources that are available to the discipline. Finally we will look at how information recovered from the
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Syllabus ANTH 210 - Spring 2011 Anthropology 210:...

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