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Anthropology 152 Exam 1 study guide Spring 2011 Test format: The test will be divided into two sections: multiple choice questions and short answer questions. There will be 30 multiple choice questions and fve short answer questions. Focus of the test: The readings will Factor signifcantly into this test. IF you have been doing the readings then this will serve you well, iF not I recommend reading as much as you can between now and the exam. The test will also have several questions about the flm, primarily what was the Focus/message oF the flm. Areas of importance: This test will be weighted and Focus on testing knowledge over memorization. Knowing why an individual is important and their place in the overall structure oF anthropology will be much more productive than knowing when they lived. In this regard the anthropology Family tree will be helpFul For getting an overall
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Unformatted text preview: sense oF anthropologys growth and development. A few major points to consider:-Be Familiar with the big ideas and theoretical schools in anthropology-What were the major components/ideas oF the theoretical schools we discussed-or each individual know why they were inuential in anthropology and what their theoretical ideas/concepts were -Think again about the link between the flm we watched in class and the readings -Be able to identiFy why capitalism is an important topic oF anthropological study-How does anthropology diFFer From related disciplines in the social sciences -What is the anthropological position on gender -What are the diFFerent ways that symbols have been looked at and discussed in anthropology...
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