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Anthropology 152 Exam 2 study guide Spring 2011 Test format: The test will be divided into two sections: multiple choice questions and short answer questions. There will be 30 multiple choice questions and fve short answer questions. Focus of the test: The readings will again Factor signifcantly into this test. IF you have been doing the readings then this will serve you well, iF not I recommend reading as much as you can between now and the exam. The test will also have several questions about the flms we watched, primarily what was the Focus/message oF the flms. Areas of importance: This test will be weighted and Focus on testing knowledge over memorization. Knowing why an idea is important and its place in the overall structure oF anthropology will be emphasized. A strong link will be made between the concepts presented in the reading and the lectures.
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Unformatted text preview: A few major points to consider:-Be Familiar with the terms gender, sex, postmodernism, modernism, temporality, hegemonic, liminal, teleology, objectivity, subjectivity, mediascapes, and deconstruction as we have used them in class-Be Familiar with the terms doxa, xenophobia, praxis, and thick descriptions as defned in the readings -Understand the diFFerence between modernity and postmodernity - both historically and theoretically-Think again about the link between the flm we watched in class and the readings -What does the concept oF cultural construction mean? Be able to write about this-What are the major themes raised in In Search of Respect ? How does he propose to study and oFFer insight In her article Sherry Ortner calls anthropology a thing oF shreds and patches, what does she mean by this?...
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