In Search of Respect discussion

In Search of Respect discussion - ANTH 152 Spring 2011...

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ANTH 152 Spring 2011 Online discussion - In Search of Respect: Selling Crack in El Barrio by Philippe Bourgois Instructions: 1. DO NOT COME TO CLASS ON WEDNESDAY! 2. Between the end of class on Monday and the beginning of class on Friday you MUST post two paragraph length comments on the Laulima discussion board 3. The FIRST post must address the posed discussion question. Following post must address the question as well as what other wrote in their response (So, it is in your interest to post first or earlier, the later you post the more you will have to account for). 4. The SECOND post must come after Wednesday scheduled class time and address the comments made upon your initial post. 5. Make sure to include your full name in each post your write, we can’t give you a grade otherwise. 6. Students will be divided into groups of approximately 5-10 students. Each group has a designated question that they must address. You can incorporate other elements of the readings but you must have a conversation and centers on your discussion question. Group 1 Abdel Jawad, Safah Adkins, Rebecca Agas, Micah Alumbaugh, Anela-Lani Anderson, Zackary Andren, Alexandra Arakawa, Jarrett Ardis, Kelly Armstrong, Lance Aso, Nana Awong, Kaui Discussion Question Bourgois writes of the potential for criticism that exists with his book, that the material he presents can be used to further marginalize the poor or expose some of the unsettling aspects of
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In Search of Respect discussion - ANTH 152 Spring 2011...

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