Paradise bent - mixing oF Western and non-Western societies...

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Film: Paradise Bent: Boys Will Be Girls in Samoa (1999) ANTH 152 - Culture and Humanity Synopsis : This flm looks primarily at Fa’aFafne, a group oF biological males in Samoa who dress and adopt mannerism stereotypical to Females. The flm looks at the role played by this group in contemporary Samoan society, the history oF Fa’aFafne’s in Sa- moa, and some oF the debate and division that exists today. In addition to obvious questions oF gender and sexuality being raised in the flm, Christianity, religion, the
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Unformatted text preview: mixing oF Western and non-Western societies, and history are also evident. Questions to consider : Why did the flmmakers selected this subject? What message or position are they trying to convey? Does this flm challenge or change any assumptions you have about gender, sexuality, culture, Samoa, Western societies, homo and hetero-sexuality, etc? How so?...
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