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The great Happiness space overview

The great Happiness space overview - Film The Great...

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Film: The Great Happiness Space: Tales of an Osaka Love Thief (2006) Director: Jake Clennell Synopsis: This 2006 documentary looks at the life of several hosts at an Osaka club. Host and hostesses are a prominent aspect of nightlife in Japan, charging customers by the hour for their company and conversation while in the club. It is a practice with roots in geisha traditions that has taken on an increasingly capitalistic element in Japan’s postwar afFuence. While the majority of establishments are hostess clubs catering to a male clientele, host clubs have increased in number and prominence in recent years. The central character in this ±lm is Issei (22) who owns the club and oversees the approximately twenty hosts he employs. All of them claim to make substantial salaries, sometimes topping $50,000 in one month. They also spend the majority of their working hours getting the female customers to spend as much money as possible. Areas of interest:
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