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Video: An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube (2008) Michael Wesch Department of Anthropology Kansas State University This 55 minute video was created by Michael Wesch, a professor of anthropology at Kansas State University. Dr. Wesch is the primary Fgure in anthropology today exploring new and online media, especially the cultural and social implications of new forms of communication and connection. His webpage at Kansas State University has the following statement about his work and approach to anthropology: “Wesch's videos are part of his broader efforts to pursue the possibilities of digital media to extend and transform the way ethnographies are presented”. I choose this video as a way to highlight some of the work anthropologist are doing today to engage with emerging forms of media and communication.
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Unformatted text preview: Question I think we should all consider while watching this is about motives. Why are people posting so many videos on YouTube? Or sharing so much of their life online in places like ±acebook and MySpace? Can we link this to a breakdown in traditional communities or are digital media simply a new form of community? What about the discussion we have had concerning “culture/society” vs. “individual agency”? If you can now put something online for anyone with internet access to view does that not circumvent culture to a degree, or is an online presence still bound by its cultural context (language, background, referencing, etc.). I think this Flm opens up a lot of topics for debate and also shows new areas of research that anthropologists and other social scientists can pursue....
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