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Unformatted text preview: Early Living Together, Marriage, Parenting Benefits Some Young Adults ScienceDaily (Mar. 30, 2008) — Young people are always encouraged to complete their education and postpone marriage and children to achieve more rewarding lifestyles. However, a Penn State study found that for some young adults, getting married or living together and having children have provided positive benefits. "In industrial countries, young people age 18 to 25 are expected to explore their identity, work and love by delaying marriage and parenthood," says lead author Alan Booth, distinguished professor of sociology, human development and demography. "It is believed that those individuals who fail to postpone these family transitions miss out on better career opportunities, make poor choices on partners, and may experience problems. "However, our research has shown that early family choices may be a productive option for many young adults, especially those who are disadvantaged with respect to family income, parental...
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