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Guidelines for PowerPoint Project Topic: Comparison of One Health or Development Issue for a Specific Age group of Children in Two World Regions (example: early childhood or middle childhood) Possible topics : Immunization compliance, Malnutrition, HIV/AIDS, TB, Malaria, Obesity, Autism, Learning Disabilities, Fitness, Diabetes, Child labor, Gender prejudice, Child Marriage, Child Soldiers. Length : 20 slides including the title slide and references. Title Slide: should appear first and contain the title of the presentation and the names of all participants. Final Slide and Reference format: all references should be newer than 2005 and should be cited in APA format . Go to Google and put in APA format. Please cite your references on the last slide.
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Unformatted text preview: In text references should appear on any slide that talks about statistics or specific research. This presentation should be your own original work undertaken for the first time for this course. The many links, news articles, etc in the course materials are designed to help you in your research for this project. Many articles will lead you to other articles (check references at the end of articles). You may not use Wikipedia or the course text for a reference. However, you may follow up references found on Wikipedia and read the original article. This is because Wikipedia sometimes makes mistakes. Post your PPT Projects on the course website by the due date. You may post earlier if you wish....
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