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This article is from a popular culture source. It is focused mainly on physical appearance. What do you think about middle age based on the suggestions of this article? Jennifer Aniston: ageless in middle-age Sean Nicholls and Emily Dunn April 7, 2009 Jennifer Aniston. Photo: Getty Images Magwatch For celebrities, real age matters very little. Regular nip/tucks and access to personal trainers, chefs and stylists can keep a famous face and body hovering around the 30-mark for decades. The actress Jennifer Aniston is a case in point. In her 20s she was a baby-faced frump. Now, at age 40, she has the face and body of a 21-year-old.
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Such agelessness helps enormously when a celebrity is looking for love, as witnessed in the birth of the cougar - the older woman hunting down younger members of the opposite sex. Unfortunately for the cougar, the young men don't necessarily adopt habits to suit their mature partners - as witnessed in Ashton Kutcher's recent Twitter posts of a bikini- clad Demi Moore. In
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Jennifer+Aniston+Ageless+in+Middle+Age_1_ - This article is...

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