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Revised List of Study Groups FAMR 230

Revised List of Study Groups FAMR 230 - Group 1 Anderson...

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Here is the revised list of your study groups. Please check them carefully as some groups have new members. These groups are to help you support each other through the course, discuss materials and ideas, and also you have the option to do the PowerPoint Project as a group. Please email with each other weekly or chat in the online course chat room.
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Unformatted text preview: Group 1 Anderson, Baens, Bustamante, Danner, Singson Group 2 Faulkner, Foster, Garcia, Hansen Group 3 Jensen, Kennedy, Laracuente, Tsubota Group 4 Manliguis, Matsumoto, Mizokuchi, Zhou Group 5 Palimoo, Paquette, Plunkett, Wee, Yokawa Aloha Dr. Brown...
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