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Viewing PowerPoint Lectures To view the PowerPoint lectures double click on a lecture, then look at the top tool bar and click on Slide show and then View Show. You will have to click for each slide and also for some presentations you will have to click for each line of the presentation. View Lectures while Online Some lectures have Action Buttons to click on which will take you to another website with more information and possible video clips, etc. You will need to be online to access these features. Animation Features Some of the lectures have custom animation, which means that you need to click for each line. If a slide looks blank, just click on it. If there is an action button, house symbol, the slide will instruct you to click and it will take you to another website. Seeing all Slides at Once
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Unformatted text preview: In the lower left corner of the slide presentation, there is an icon that looks like a group of slides. Click on it and you will see the entire presentation in order. In the upper toolbar is a space that has a space for percent. If you want to see and print the whole group of slides, click on 100 or 125 or 150 for the best images. Printing All Slides It is a good idea to view and print your lectures and keep them in a binder in order, so that you can study them for exams. Some exam questions will be taken directly from these lectures. When you click on Print, there will be a space in the printer window that says Print What. Click on Handouts. There will also be a space that asks how many slides per page, and if you want them vertical or horizontal. Six slides per page is easy to read....
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