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Unformatted text preview: The Dating Game The Dr. Leilani Brown Getting the most out of this lecture Getting There is an action button that will take you There to a website for more information, so it is good to be online when viewing the lecture. good To go to the website, simply click on the To action button. action Teen Friendships Teen As children transition from childhood to As adolescence, friendships with peers take on primary importance and help achieve independence. independence. Friendships start out with same gender Friendships peers and gradually move toward the opposite gender. opposite Friendships define social status and form Friendships the arena for choosing a dating partner. the The Social Clock The Refers to age-graded expectations for life Refers events. events. All societies have social timetables for All when certain things should happen. when Dating is one of those markers and is Dating culturally influenced. In Western societies dating begins in In adolescence and is motivated by hormonal changes. changes. Early Adolescent Dating Early Safest in groups, with an adult to supervise. Identity issues and self-concept affect Identity dating relationships in early adolescence. dating Early adolescents cite recreation and Early entertainment as a motive for dating. entertainment Unsupervised dating in early adolescence is Unsupervised associated with drug and alcohol abuse, teen pregnancy, and dating violence. teen Did You Know? According to a recent survey, 1 in 11 teens According reported experiencing physical violence in a dating relationship in 2003. dating Girls are the victims of dating violence Girls most often. most The same survey reported that 96 percent of The teens had experienced psychological or verbal violence in a dating relationship. verbal Click on the icon to learn more Click Warning Signs of Dating Violence Warning Friends in abusive relationships may: Friends Change their style of clothing or makeup; Change Seem to lose confidence in themselves and Seem begin to have difficulty making decisions; Stop spending time with friends; Stop Begin to receive failing grades or quit Begin school activities; and Turn to using alcohol or drugs. Turn Sexuality Sexuality Despite the media images of a sexually free Despite modern adolescent, in North America, sexual attitudes are still restrictive. sexual Typically, parents give children little Typically, information about sex, discourage them from engaging in sex play, and rarely talk about sex in their presence. about At the same time the sexual attitudes of At adolescents have become more liberal. adolescents Characteristics of Sexually Active Adolescents Active Early, frequent sexual activity is linked to Early, personal, peer, family, and educational status. status. Risk factors include: large family, parental Risk divorce, sexually active friends, little or no religious involvement, sexually active older siblings, poor school performance, and tendency to “break the rules.” tendency Teen Pregnancy Teen About 900,000 American teenage girls About become pregnant every year. 30,000 of these are younger than age 15. The US teen pregnancy rate is higher than The most other modern countries. most 40 to 45 percent of teen pregnancies end in 40 abortion. abortion. Adolescents are less likely to marry after Adolescents childbirth than in past decades. childbirth Preventing Teen Pregnancy Preventing Address the factors underlying early sexual Address activity and lack of contraception use. activity Provide sex education classes earlier than at the Provide present time. present Teach skills for handling sexual situations through Teach creative discussion and role playing. creative Promote the value of abstinence and provide Promote information about contraceptive use. information Late Adolescent Dating Late Provides experiences in cooperation, Provides negotiation, and etiquette. negotiation, Close emotional ties with a dating partner Close fosters empathy, sensitivity, and social skills. skills. Approximately 50 percent of first romances Approximately do not survive high school graduation. do Many romances begin as friendships. Features of Late Adolescent Dating Dating Goals are directed toward achievement of Goals intimacy. intimacy. Social dating is important because it is the Social first relationship outside the family that involves sex (sometimes) and trusting someone else with feelings and important personal information. personal Also involves keeping one’s own identity. Dating in Early Adulthood Dating Dating is focused on Dating potential mate selection. selection. Shared interests are Shared important. important. In most ways, successful In dating partners resemble each other. resemble Men and women differ Men in the importance they place on certain characteristics. characteristics. Men prefer the Men relationship to move quickly toward physical intimacy. physical Achievement of Intimacy Achievement Intimacy in dating Intimacy relationships often takes longer to achieve than in friendships. than By late adolescence, By young people look for dating relationships with people who have shared interests and clear goals for the future. future. Intimacy vs. Isolation Intimacy Erikson’s theory Erikson’s proposes that young adults must resolve the conflict of intimacy vs. isolation. vs. Young people also Young focus on aspects of generativity, including work and childrearing. work Romantic partners Romantic who achieve intimacy and a life bond are similar to each other in age, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, religion, and personal and physical attributes. attributes. Single, Married, or Co-habiting? Single, More people are choosing to More be single. be Numbers of single men and Numbers women have risen to 30 percent of males and 20 percent of females since 1970. 1970. Cohabitation (living with an Cohabitation intimate partner, but not being married) has dramatically increased. dramatically Cohabitation has two Cohabitation purposes: It serves as a It preparation for marriage. marriage. It may serve as an It alternative to marriage. marriage. Cohabitation is Cohabitation increasing in the US. Preferences Preferences Women prefer to establish psychological Women intimacy before physical intimacy. intimacy Women value earning capacity more than Women physical attractiveness. physical Both men and women value a caring, Both sensitive partner. sensitive Men value physical attractiveness more Men than earning capacity. than Summary Summary Dating typically begins in adolescence, but Dating has better outcomes if it does not begin until late adolescence. until Intimacy is an important feature of dating Intimacy and the achievement of intimacy is one of Erikson’s major stages. Erikson’s Teen pregnancy is higher in the US than in Teen other developed countries. other Summary cont Summary Cohabitation and remaining single have Cohabitation increased in the USA. increased Cohabitation may serve as a trial marriage Cohabitation or as an alternative to marriage. or Overall, most couples who establish a Overall, strong bond are similar to each other in many important respects. many ...
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