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Chapter 9 Social Deviance Alex Thio

Chapter 9 Social Deviance Alex Thio - Chapter 9...

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Chapter 9: Heterosexual Deviance Heterosexual deviance includes teen sex, extramarital sex, prostitution, pornography, phone sex, nude dancing and sexual harassment. Sexuality All human societies impose restrictions on sexual practices In the U.S. legislation limits sexual behaviour to a certain age, also sexual behaviour may not occur with anyone "for hire", within sight of others, with coercion or by position of authority, and with more than one partner at a time. Sexual taboos go beyond the law (certain family relationships, age, culture, etc) Often what is labeled as deviant sexual behaviour does not differ from non-deviant behaviour in form but rather in context . Premarital/Extramarital Sex Most Americans no longer see premarital sex for adults as deviant, but do for teens o Teens not considered mature and responsible enough to have sex. o Teens have the highest rate of premarital pregnancy in the world. More than 1/2 of teens aged 15-19 are sexually active. Boys with high self-esteem are more likely to engage in premarital sex while girls with high esteem are more likely to abstain Research shows that secrecy, tension and guilt make extramarital sex far from gratifying Adultery is socially approved in some societies but no so in others. Swingers o It is an open sexual activity in which both husband and wife agree to participate. o Properly knowing as swinging also called "co marital sex" or "mate swapping" in sociological research. o Most are considered middle-class, suburban whites between 25 and 45 years of age, political they are somewhat conservative. o Considered by the public to be more deviant than infidelity . 20% of married couples cheated on their spouse. 1 or 2% have participated in swinging.
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o Brian Gilmartin (1975) looked at a controlled group of swingers and non swingers. Came to the conclusion that swingers have looser ties to the three traditional institutions of social control: religion, family and community o Richard Jenks (1998, 1985) found swingers less subjective to social control but no more alienated from society than conventional people. o Some swingers see it as a way of enhancing the relationship: a study shows that they have a higher level of marital happiness o Like a double edge sword-- if later confused on why refer to page 210 Sexual Harassment o Sexual harassment: an unwelcome act of sexual nature; legal term --> any sexual conduct that makes the workplace environment so hostile or abusive to the victims that they find it hard to perform their job. o
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Chapter 9 Social Deviance Alex Thio - Chapter 9...

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