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Team behaviour Our first meeting was held on Monday, March 21, 2011. Everyone in our group is nice and friendly. As international students, the meeting is totally different which in my mind. At first, Zachary suggested to settle some rules, like turn off cell phone during the meeting. They said these rules will help meetings and discussions to stay on topic and be effective. I never thought to make rules before discussing. These rules help us to understand our job. Everyone can speak without any worried. Everyone is reminded to keep an open mind during meeting. It will help us to catch the good ideas. Actually it is really helping us to come up with many good points. I think it is a direct method to solve the problem. In my culture, people often use indirect method to solve problem. For example, business people usually discuss some important contract during the dinner, but not in the meeting room. Meeting is a process
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Unformatted text preview: for listening. People do not need to think or talk, because the leader had decided everything. However, our first meeting is very successful and effective. Division of labour In our group, we have decided that everyone is going to play an important and equal part. Everyone is going to be contributing in the research and planning. All of us are speak persons. It allows everyone to contribute to the negotiation. During the first meeting, all members are trying their best to contributing. When someone has an idea, we will notice it, and then add some words to ensure that the idea looks better. These ideas help us to maximize our gains. There is a special role for Zach. He is going to be the recorder for the meeting and negotiation. He really did it very well....
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