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A group practice is the ideal for many doctors

A group practice is the ideal for many doctors - they like...

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A group practice is the ideal for many doctors. There are several advantages to the group practice setting, especially for new  doctors, doctors with limited areas of specialty, and doctors who are not able or do not prefer to work full time. In a group  practice new doctors have easy access to advice from other physicians, a built in structure for referring patients to doctors  outside their area of expertise, and a relatively flexible schedule if all providers are willing to cover each other's absences.  However, there are decided disadvantages to group practice, and benefits to setting up a solo practice. A solo practice  provides a doctor with ultimate control over his or her environment and staffing, as well as complete freedom to practice as 
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Unformatted text preview: they like without regard for other doctors or their patients. A solo practitioner can also make use of many more available locations as they do not require as much room to operate on their own. In addition there is no actual or supposed liability for the alleged malpractice or other undesirable liabilities which might be encountered in a private practice. Of course there are limitations to the solo practice including the lack of each of the benefits group practice such as the proximity to other doctors for consultations, referrals, and coverage in time of need. Despite the obstacles, there are ways for solo and group practitioners to find solutions to each of these challenges in order to succeed in their profession...
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