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EMR Checkpoint The use electronic records management used by medical facilities is a very valuable asset to the medical industry. This type or record storing and sharing can be very valuable to the industry for a few reasons one being the ease of access to the medical records by different doctors who may be called in on a case they have the records at their fingertips instead of having to have the faxed or sent via fed-ex. An example would be let’s say your doctor in Atlanta needs a consult with a doctor in New York about an issue that needs immediate attention without electronic records this could take anywhere from a few minutes to a
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Unformatted text preview: day or two. Some of the disadvantages I can see would be the possibility of data theft, data corruption, and the possible data loss as electronic records are stored on computer storage systems and these systems can fail. Some of the challenges facing the industry in the conversion to electronic records would be first and foremost the cost of implanting such a system another would be the training of staff. Even in today’s world there are still some folks out in the worlds who have no computer experience at all....
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