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Healthcare 2 checkpoint I chose viewpoint B to talk about in this paper. In this paper there a couple of things that I agree with and a few things that I disagree with. First of all I disagree with the limits idea if this type of limit on premiums was imposed how would people or companies that offer cover insurance coverage be able to keep up with the rising costs of healthcare in America? If any type of limit was to be imposed it should be on the healthcare industry as a whole not just on the premium side for insurance purposes. I also disagree with on the criteria that is listed on approvals for the national system should we all not be treated equal?
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Unformatted text preview: The paper lists an example of an overweight person vs. a person with a skin tag should one be treated differently than the other? In my opinion the answer to that is no, what if the person with the skin tag has it in an area such as the face or other visible location that could affect the persons mentally due to lack of confidence because of the mark. In my opinion everyone under the healthcare umbrella should be treated equal no matter how small or large the problem with the patient is....
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