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Mental Health Service Checkpoint

Mental Health Service Checkpoint - family services...

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Mental Health Service Checkpoint The first profession I have chosen is that of social worker. The training and education requirements for this job area as follows. One of the requirements is a minimum of a bachelor’s degree but some of the advanced positions require and advanced degree and all states do require some sort of licensure and or certification. The bachelor’s degree needs to be in social work although majors in psychology, sociology and related may be enough qualifications for entry level jobs in smaller communities. They type of agencies that you may be able to find employment are as follows. The main type of agencies that would hire would be like youth and
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Unformatted text preview: family services, counseling centers, etc. The other profession I have chosen is Counselor. Training and education for this job can be very different from state to state and may vary by specialty. But to become a licensed counselor you must possess a master’s degree. Other qualifications that a counselor must possess are a high physical and emotional energy level to handle the stress that can be associated with this type of job. The type of agencies that a certified counselor could work from would be a career counseling center, rehab centers, clinical mental health counselor, etc....
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