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My view on Health Care 1 My view of health insurance is one of great need. I feel everyone in this country should be entitled to some form of health care benefits. The purpose of health care is to make sure we as a country can be healthy and is some kind of problem arises we can be treated for whatever issue may arise. As for limits on the amount of care provided I don’t feel there should be any limits at all due to the fact of what if a person has cancer and needs chemotherapy, this type of treatment can be ongoing for a year or more along with in home care. If there were limits a person may not receive the full benefit of their treatment.
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Unformatted text preview: As for financing health care I feel that there should be a pool established of money from taxes much like the current system of social security, except make sure the health care program is properly managed. And for the people who can afford their own insurance let them keep it. Individuals who cannot afford their own care can be allowed to pull from the pool established, but however we would have to look at restructuring the price model of the current health care providers....
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