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Simulation checkpoint The greatest challenge I can see in this simulation would be two-fold one would be the issue of finding the proper care for the woman this could be challenging due to a couple of reason’s one could be financial making sure that the woman has the means to cover all the costs associated with long term care. Another would be to convince the patient that they do in fact need long term care assistance this can be very difficult especially if that patient is a head strong individual. I know from personal experience this can be very difficult. Most people in their senior years do not want to give up their independence and I really can’t blame them. I really do not see any alternative s in the simulation. I
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Unformatted text preview: guess may possibly the only other option would be to possibly check with her daughter and see if the patient could move in with her. Other than that I believe the scenario addresses all of the viable options that the patient can take. I know from my own life I had my grandmother sell her house and as the scenario suggests she used the money from the profit to get into an assisted living facility which was really a god send for her she has a lot of new friends and seems to be more active now then she was when she had her own house....
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