Week 8 Measuring Quality

Week 8 Measuring Quality - Week 8 Measuring Quality There...

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Unformatted text preview: Week 8 Measuring Quality There are many different ways to measure a patient’s outcome of the type of treatment and recovery. One is their treatment a success meaning that at the end of a treatment cycle is the patient better, did the patient benefit from the rounds of treatment and is he or she better than before. The quality of the care depended not only on the equipment used during treatment but how it was used. Also dependent on treatment is the quality of the folks who operate the equipment used for treatments theses duties range from the operation of equipment to the reading of the results. If the patient gains benefit from the treatments used this would definitely be considered a quality service. The health care workers job is not only to carry out the doctors’ orders but also to provide any assistance that is needed by the doctor treating the physician. The health care worker is also there to make the patient feel comfortable at all times during their treatment whether it be making the surroundings more...
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