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Examples from New Mexico: Non-profit hospital: Rehoboth McKinley Christian Hospital Gallup NM., Presbyterian regional  Eastern NM. For-Profit: The only governmental hospital I can think of in the state is the VA in Alburquque. The non-profit  hospital sees a population that is diverse in ethnicity. The financial background of visitors is often working class and below.  This hospital is in a semi-rural area. The services at this hospital are on par with a government hospital, but less than a for- profit. They are quite busy most of the time, and often lack proper staffing. They see many people, but can only assist so  much, before more advanced hospital care is necessary. A for- profit hospital sees patients privately. Their services are  varied and well organized. Patients are often upper to middle class, and the hospital is located in the largest town on the 
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Unformatted text preview: eastern side of New Mexico. The patient to doctor ratio is low, and care is not rushed. Rooms are more comfortable and staff is as accommodating as possible. The University of New Mexico hospital is located in a college town/city. This hospital sees the most people out of all these hospitals. Services are varied, but the quality of care and service is dependent on how many patients are already in the hospital. This hospital follows all government and insurance guidelines, so medical care is well regulated and documented. This also means there is large wait time do to paperwork and insurance verification....
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