week4 case study - Mental illness can be a psychological...

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Mental illness can be a psychological and or a behavioral issue than can occur in an individual and can cause distress and disability that is not a part of living in normal society. The way mental disorders can be assessed and classified has changed over the years but however there are guidelines that are gone by for these classifications, which can include dissociative disorders, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, psyotic disorders, eating disorders, developmental disorders, personality disorders, ambulatory disorders along with many other disorders that are too many to list. In most cases there is no real cause of a mental disorder, but special models such as the diathesis-stress model and the bio psychosocial models are used to determine the type of disorder a person may have. Mental problems are pretty common, in recent studies it was found that over a third of people in most countries suffer from sort of mental disorder. The services that offer help with mental disorders can be either in the hospital or at a clinic within the community. Professionals who work in these areas can diagnose individuals with mental disorders and provide the main two types of treatment which are psychotherapy and psychiatric medications for the
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week4 case study - Mental illness can be a psychological...

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