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HIS/135 Final By: Jerry Byrd 10/19/2010 University of Phoenix The 1950’s a new technology comes into play
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Prior to 1950 a new technology began to show itself in limited availability, this technology was called television. The early broadcasts were only available for viewing in the city of the originating broadcast and at times only in the building they were being shot in. During the 50’s this technology really picked up steam mainly in the arena of nationwide broadcasts and with the financial boom the price of home televison sets dropped dramatically. The producers of the television at the time didn’t realize their contribution to the world technology arena as television became more stable the television industry started to dictate America’s buying and spending habits by the advertisement of products and goods but also had the effect of creating pop icons. Such as Lucille Ball, James Dean, etc. To this day the television set is still the main focus in the American households serving as a family gathering point, a point for education and world news. 1960’s a revolution
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final - HIS/135 Final By Jerry Byrd University of Phoenix...

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