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Week 9 Capstone During the cold war the U.S. went the route of considering itself a superpower that that was unmatched by any other country during this time. The U. S. took the role of a leader in world affairs that other countries would not. By helping the poorer countries of the world and standing up to the so called rogue countries as well. This stance served America well throughout the cold war by giving us new found allies as well as strengthen our relations with the current allies of the time. This power we held help to lead to
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Unformatted text preview: the downfall of communism and helped spread wealth to the poorer countries of the world. As for today’s stance the U.S. is starting to fade as a world power due to the fact that the emergence of China and India who are surpassing the U.S. markets in manufacturing and in exports. If the U.S. does not step it up in these areas we will lose more creditability in the world markets. This could also include becoming less thought of as a major military power as these countries continue to increase their own military might....
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