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McCarthyism McCarthyism was at the forefront in the early 1950’s. This was put into action by a senator by the name of Joseph McCarthy. This McCarthyism belief was more than the antics of a single man. Joe McCarthy’s anticommunist movement was referred to a political witch hunt. But this movement had been going strong for a few years before McCarthy joined the movement and continued for years after he had left the political world. McCarthyism affected the political thinking in the U.S. by transforming an already unpopular party “communist” to giving them the
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Unformatted text preview: perception that their party was an actual threat to the United States. This was done by bureaucrats and politicians by adopting different and aggressive strategies to weed out communists and prohibit communist sympathizers. For the time I feel that this may have been an appropriate action. We had just gotten out of a world war and the attitude of our nation was one of caution and our relationship with the Soviet Union had deteriated rapidly making the nation as a whole very leery of communist. This was the very beginning of the cold war....
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